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Genuinely almost sh*t myself playing this. Very enjoyable game, wish it was longer, or at least make a follow-up 👌. Keep up the good work.

☝️my playthrough 

BRUH. THIS WAS SO GOOD LMAO i am not sleeping tonight. i would never want to look up again omfg. GOOD GAME MAN 10/10 WAS TERRIFYING

I dunno why this game shat me up as much as it did but yes i got scared and i hate asylum horrors. 

Yes, it was quite nice. No great horror, everything is very familiar and has been used many times before. But it's worth playing. But don't expect too much.You can watch my playthrough here:

Really great game, alot of effort went into this and it paid off well. the only suggestions i can think of is to put in a sprint button, doesnt have to even be much faster than the normal walking speed but it would help add urgency to certain scenes, Also it would be helpful to add something to signal that youre in the right area whenever you get trapped in the small hallway and cant open any doors. i almost quit the game cause i thought i broke it. not even sure what allowed me to leave it bc i left my pc and came back to the blood dripping from roof

This game is legit one of my favorites on I was blown away by the sound design especially. It absolutely amps up VERY scare to an 11/10. The story just made the whole experience even better. I could absolutely see some of the producers I've worked with acting this way.  Following!


Damn this game was so scary. Nice job, this was very unsettling. 

the ending alone is worth it go check it out!

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Un maldito juegazo! De verdad que me hizo temblar. 

One of the first horror games I played on Baptism of fire definitely! Terrifying.

Absolutely great! Loved the game!

Love the game, sorry for the shitty equipment.

Really interesting and scary horror game, although it is a little too slow paced for me. Not my video but I did edit this for a good friend. He thought the pacing was great and genuinely enjoyed the entirety of the game 

What a fantastic horror game. Feels really like your in a paranormal horror movie. The pacing is great, the voice acting to and the scares are well placed. Still not convinced? Take a look at the Gameplay:

Ach, dann habe ich das bei Dir schon mal gesehen^^

Nice game my dude 

What a crazy horror game!
You guys should do more just like this one please!

What an experience this game was! This game was one of the best horror games I've ever played. I jumped quite a few times playing this and it was definitely scary. Great game!

Awesome Job! Definitely got me a few times with the jumpscares! 

I don't think i've ever had a game jumpscare me this many times in a row.

Awesome job !

Here is my playthrough if you'd like to see my reactions .

This game is by far one of the most terrifying things I've encountered on

500 dollars for this??? deal. 


Really like the atmosphere and story of the game! It was super creepy and gave me some good scares! Good Job (: 

How did something that looked so simple became so scary complicated haha. I really enjoyed though.

walking simulator w a weird snitch talking all along. this would be scary to a nine year old


Glad to see this game get more love recently, i personally enjoyed the hell out of it! 


Great game. I like your game concept.

Cool little game. It's nothing that'll blow your mind or anything but knowing it was made in 10 days for a game jam makes a lot of its flaws easy to overlook. The jump scares are definitely the high point of this game and also my favorite aspect as well. 

Thanks for making games!

I absolutley loved this game and I wish it didn't have to end as I was proper into it! One of my friends said it is my best quality upload to date as well so thank you so much for that! The lighting was incredible and so was the sound. I want more! Come check out my experience below, it was intense!!!

GOD THE JUMPSCARES ARE TOO GOOD! The atmosphere, everything is VERY WELL DONE.

Talk about jump scare! So scary! Loved it! Thanks for making it.

man, I really liked this game and I want to play more of these types the jumpscare were top, turned out really good, detail i'm from brazil

I loved the game, the atmosphere, omg the jumpscares are legit.

This game was really good at having me terrified but keeping me sane every time the guy on the radio started talking lol. it goes from zero to 100 real quick and every one of the scares were great. good to job to the devs i cant wait to see more 

That was great, I can’t believe how fast that escalated. It was a unique way of putting the player in a horror situation, and the feeling the player was doomed from the get go. It was also funny just seeing how the employer seemed to be just trying to get you killed, that moment he antagonised the ghosts made me laugh.

I am so glad one of the endings leads to the death of the person who hired you, it was a good thing I went for both experiences just to experience my revenge. 

Really great game, can’t wait to see what else you make.

Mate can the fucking narrator please shut his mouth, cant play it bc of his yapping in my ear the entire time, gf agrees

i love this game it had a great atmosphere awsome graphics and a great soundtrack

I just dead by playing this game hahaha
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