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Scared the crap out of me! Great game 👍🏾

this game is fantastic, i really enjoyed it and i like the story, the ending was really scary but also sad. :D 


for a game which was made in 10 day its acc Goo

Terrifying game with some good jump scares! The setting and the producer guiding you as he's telling the lore of this abandoned asylum was done so well it definitely adds to that horror atmosphere some games don't get right. Awesome game keep it up can't believe it was done in 10 days WOW! 

The game was pretty solid and scary. It got me a lot of times with the jumpscares..

Btw, here is my video. I'm a random brazilian guy who likes to play horror games (gameplay in portuguese). 

Thanks for the game and opportunity!

This game scared the crap out of me a couple times good stuff keep it up./

Don't believe the hype,  barely got into the game and fell through some stairs and couldn't move.  No cursor to click the buttons in the ESC menu.  It's junk.



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very nice game, i was surprised by it to be honest, you should play it asap....




epic, made me SHIT MYSELF


Cool game 👍


Wow! This might just be the scariest game I have played for my channel so far (and I’ve even done Outlast!) This game had me so spooked and the jumpscares had me screaming every time. I think your game also gave me the biggest scream I’ve ever done on my channel too, haha! Thank-you for this game & I can’t wait for more from you!


Absolutely GREAT!


Incase you 
Incase missed, here's my gameplay. What a brilliant game it was, I jumpscared a few times! Check out my video.

Nice job, great game ;D


Got the poo scared out of me lmao, great game! Click here to visit my Channel.

Halloween treat! Best horror game in a while, great story telling, visuals, and sound. Def download and play this 1 hour game today, for Halloween! Great job devs - please make a longer, full length release!

Nice and short, very spooky! G

ot me a few times.

Super jeu qui m'a donner beaucoup de frissons.... 

Truly terrfiying game... fun and it made me sweat!

Bro This Game Was Really Well Made And I Had A Lot Of Fun Playing It!!!

Excellent work my friend, I will continue, but when will you upload the full version, thank you

Very spooky atmosphere. Actually got me on a few jump scares.

Wow I really liked the experience, I liked the history of the asylum and at the end I was surprised, I really liked it.

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

this is absolute excellence developer!  

Cute little horror game! At first I wasn't sure about the whole mental facility but I liked the backstory a lot.  Sad that we couldn't see the wrapping paper ghost any more. But the ending was cool.

This one scared the craaaaap out of me and that RARELY happens


Terrified me.

As if anyone cares, here are my thoughts.  :)

I suffer from various mental health issues, so I can sometimes be a little put off by the old "haunted asylum" trope, but if you're going to go down that road, holy crap this is a great way to get there.  The presentation was great, and the voice-acting better than some I've heard in big budget games.  I felt like this was sort of a digital version of a Halloween haunted house attraction, where everything is scripted, and you know there are jump scares, but you just go along for the ride because it's what you signed up for.  Well done!

Did a nice little skit, come check it out. This game was REALLY good. bang up job mate

Very well done, I really enjoyed it

Well..Well... Well Done, This really got my Heart Racing, Adrenaline going..

Not Bad, I can sense the horror in this game, I enjoy it :)

Not bad for a Horror Game, definitely needs some developing work on the game & story, overall interesting concept 

I have to congratulate you on making this game in 10 days. It was intense. This game was amazing, and it sent thrills up my back. I did NOT see that ending coming. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! Also, I hope your Website does well. Thank you😊😁👍

Wow! I loved this game. very scary. yep, jump scares were spot on. Well done to everyone involved. Excellent!!!!

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