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This was The Best Horror Game I've Played in a While🔥 

Check Me Out? Paranormal Entities Gameplay - YT: TheBlackMiyagi

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I just played this game on my channel It was actually pretty good 

and full of jumpscares, Some of which I wasn't prepared for lol


AI Heck, the game is very good even what is missing is two things, a version for Android and iOS and subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese to make it perfect ♡♡

This was an incredible horror game with fantastic atmosphere, great audio, terrifying scares, and an incredible concept. Thank you for the experience and please keep up the amazing work.

P.S. I found a glitch where I fell through the floor at 16:38.

I loved the game , Nice graphics ... i liked the jumpscares too keep on

I love this game!

So i played it thinking nothing good of it but it is extremely scary with plenty of jump-scares and a very salty ending.

There was so much hype for me to play this game and I'm glad I did! That was an outstanding game for only 10 days! Well done!

Awesome game! Did a Let's Play for my first YouTube video. Legit scared me! 

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This Game is so scary. Had a great time playing it, Thank you!

20:00 minutes in is when life is really over lol. Whole game keeps you on edge so amazing

Congrats devs. Legit a scary game. Can't wait for more. 

This was super creepy, very atmospheric, a little claustrophobic in some parts and overall, an amazing small horror game. Definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys horror. The scares really got me.

This was amazing the detail timing atmosphere and scares were on point! it has a very soild story and every part scared the crap out of me! Scariest game on my channel yet! 

Al Heck You Gotta Make A Second Game Of This. Your Game Had Some Really Unique Jumpscares That I Didn't Except and A Twist Ending (Which Was Messed Up And Petty) But Overall This Is The Third Game I Played Through That Actually Scared Me AND Had My Heart Racing, Thank You.

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I gotta say, I was not quite prepared for this to be as effective as it is.

After all, it's yet another abandoned asylum, yet another found footage, yet another dark hallway laden building necessitating a flashlight. But I have never been a believer that you must always reinvent the wheel. You simply have to oil it well to make them turn smoothly. That's what this does.

Your employer's casual tone and the sudden absolute relentlessnes of it creates a  damn fine horror experience very quickly. It's not "new"... but it sure is delicious! 

This was terrifying for me, played it on my stream last week check it out :)

This game scared the crap out of me, CONSTANTLY! Not a second was calm and nice. I was on edge for the 20 minutes I took to finish this game.

Good game, I like this type of game, where you just can't die and you don't have to tryhard during hours to finish them

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I played this game for a video on YouTube and it has to be one of my favorite games that I have played on to date. Excellent game, I am following you and looking forward to more great releases.

This was a great time, I love the homage to terrible ghost hunting shows which also happen to be my favorite thing ever. I thought this was really well done. 

Jumpscare alert

Great game. But when hitting the ESC key, the mouse cursor doesn't show up, the player moves when in pause menu. As a game developer myself, you might have missed some lines of code to stop the player from moving and showing the cursor when the player hits the ESC key. If that can be fixed, that would be appreciated. 


I am really interested in your game and was wondering if you could tell me how long the game is?

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Erm okay, thanks?

It's about 20-25 minutes.

Thank you

Wow, BRILLIANT game jam, awesome graphics and mechanics, great short story, and spooky SCARES. p.s Love the possessed lady skitting out, took a clip whilst I was live streaming of my jump scare if you wanna see. Great game, well done! 



I played your "game" and I hated it. It's scary, it's spooky and it made me jump and hide like a little girl multiple times. That's why I hate it, you and lets put cliff in there as well. Thank you and I hate you!

ps. just kiddin its a great game. well done!


Wow, really an Great Horror Game. You have great Chances of winning this game jam. Hopefully you will invest the winning money into making more great games like this.

e para 32bits?

I wish there were some quality settings to adjust graphics settings so I can play at a higher frame rate.


I̴̛̜̙̼̖̗̙͎̫͙͙͒́̔̍͗́̄͐̚͝͝͝ ̶̢̛̜̣̻͍͇̩̟͎͇͙͈̺̓͗̽̃̒̀̎̃͝͝ͅS̵̲̜̈́̒͐͐͒̂͌̌̀̈͒͂͝͝Ȅ̷̼̗͎̏͐̓̆̃̇̔̅̋̋E̶̢̗̩̖̬̩̽͜ ̶̡̛͈̠̮̻̺̰̘̣͎̩̼͕̮͗͌͌͛͒̒̈́̅̍̊̏̚̕͝Ÿ̶̡̩̟̜̗͓̦̠̳̣̫̖̰̪́͂̑̿̅̀͒̈́̈́̌̌͋̇͝͝Ó̶͉̫̼̺͖̰̙̗͖̘̠̤̈̋͋̾͗͋͊̓͑̈́̌͑̚̚U̷̯̱̯͔͇͒̓͒̎̐̂ ̸̻̰͚͖̰̪̰̑̃̈̆N̴̢̢̢̢̩͍̝̖̭̬̗̠͖̥̏̊͊̽̎͌̐̏̾̆͗̕̚̚͝O̶͎̯͇̝̼̞̓͒͂͊W̸͈͈͉̲͔͈̾̾̈̈́́̈́

*sounded wrong*

Excelente juego muy buen susto me he llevado jeje 

Honestly this game gave me scare unlike any game I have played before, I found my self yelling out of fear at every turn, The lore of this game is what really got me invested, the twisted ending was mind boggling  as well, I wish It was a longer game I was left wanting more to be honest. 10/10 for a game made in 10 days!!!


mate this game blew my expectations out of the water this is a must play

I finally got around to playing this game... and OMG was it scary.

At first, I thought it was a slow start but it  turns out that it was a good build up for what was to come and that was a nice surprise. I enjoyed listening to the lore of this game as the game went on too. Nice plot twist at the end too! Overall, loved it! 

Shoutout to Game Devs!!! Game was scary! Highly suggest you give this a play! Was worth the record!

Oh my god this game. This game had a concept, a story and a twist. It gave me the feelings of fear, pain, sadness. This is like a horror movie for its self. After a month of not uploading this game has bought me back on track and preparing my self for the new concepts that you are getting out. I would be happy if you reached out to me on my instagram. @basat_dar75.

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