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Excellent game and too scary

Gameplay comentado en español 

Awesome Experience.

Paranormal Entities may actually be a game that only suffered from technical faults, almost all the scenes and even scary moments came off as comedic, and I loved it; seriously, I could practically replay the entire game and still enjoy it as much as the first time. It takes a few digs at horror tropes while not being overly tropey itself. The only two actual complaints I have are CURSOR LOCK please, my inability to keep the mouse trapped in its box makes it a lot harder to play and maybe a more building atmosphere of scares. It seems that it’s a comedy up until we contact the spirit realm. Perhaps interspersing the building’s creaking and banging pipes leading up to the spooky stuff makes the game feel immersive.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, which I never expected to say on Itch.IO, good work guys.

Minor cynical takes located in the video below.

What an outstanding experience! I really enjoyed this masterpiece. Might be possible to get a sequel/prequel to the story? Awesome game! Here's my gameplay video :) 


I'm new to the gaming community and this was my first horror game. Thanks for popping the cherry LOL 


The best horror game I played since the pandemic started!!

Screamers 10/10
Atmosphere 8/10
Sound Effects 9/10
I liked the game very much, the only thing is, the man in the headphones talked for a long time. I'm waiting for the next games from the developer :)

My walkthrough in Russian:

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 😀

this game has got to be one of my favorite free horror games right now! It was fun and spooky I loved it. 

I just had to feature this as one of my favourite Halloween games, it’s amazing! As a gamedev myself, I can see the hard work that goes into making this such a compelling experience - great work!

I think I pooped a little.

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The voice in here was AMAZING! It made the game feel more real to me and the jumpscares really got me.  I haven't played a game this spooky in a while. Here's my playthrough of this game.

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I love the voice acting in the game and I especially liked the ending hehe.  Cool game, like others have mentioned it's really impressive that you came up with it under 10 days. Cheers! 

I really enjoyed this Horror game it had a good story and good scares

Incredible game, impossible not to be scared, I just had a problem with the mouse that went from one monitor to another while I was recording (I use 2 monitors), but in the most sensational!  Congratulations, your game is scary !!!

This was amazing :) to come up with this in 10 days is unreal you guys did a great job thank you for the game and good luck :) heres my gameplay hope you enjoy:

This was REALLY good! I'm not normally a fan of games with a lot of jump scares, but this game is definitely an exception to that. All the scares felt evenly placed and fit within the story and feel of the game. This legitimately scared me a couple times! Great work! 

This is a really well done horror game. If you like short horror games with a good story, this is the game for you. Here's my playthrough, see what you think: 

enjoy 😈

This is damn good & scary as hell ! I want more of this stuff! Very Well Done 👍👍👍

hey guys! This is by far my favorite video I’ve made! I humbly ask that if you watch, check out the whole thing! You WONT be disappointed :) - Amazing game devs 

2nd game I played. That really freaked me out. Looked like a Resident Evil game obviously with ghosts instead of Zombies

Well done!!!
More than excellent, it's terrifying and well-paced. I made a playthrough as many others, but just the silence and  terror with precisely placed sound effects - Fantastic! 

Thank you

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Great game, I loved it!!! This game did what it was intended to do, and that was scare the stuffing out of me. I will link my gameplay below if you are interested in seeing my reaction. Thanks for the heart attack.

Thank you! That jump scare had me in tears.


Got a new set up and awesome game i think u should win  scream jam 2020!! 

Thank you!

your welcome!!!

This was a very good game, it had an amazing atmosphere that kept me spooked at all times.

Thank you!

Loved It!! Great Game! Good Jump Scenes, Great Job!


Thank you!

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I recorded a video on this game it didn't really scare me very much but its a good haunted house experience  jump scares where a little weak and flesh man was the best character (if you saw my video you know who) and the atmosphere and models where pretty good if you want to check out my video its here 

over all game gets a 7/10 

if you checked out the game or my video or both thank you for supporting us (me and /or the developer)

Very nice! For me very creepy.

It's a great horror game.

Thank you!

Thank you for the scares! The atmosphere and the unknown is what truly kept me on edge. Keep up the fantastic work!

Here's my gameplay for all to enjoy :)

Thank you Al Heck 

Thank you!

My pleasure! keep those games rolling and I can’t wait to take a bite out of them :). 

Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, the atmosphere, sound effects and everything was great! the jumpscares weren't bad either, and it had a very fun concept, good work :) 

Thank you!

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damn jumpscary -- wait for paranormal entities 2  :P

Thank you!


Awesome, I'm so glad you liked it.  Watching you made me laugh during the jump scares!

Really fun game to watch. Super creepy. Perfectly nails the theme! 

Thank you

Loved this game made in such a small space of time very scary and no cheap jumpscares which is good.

Awesome, thank you!

Awesome :) both scary and funny. Thumps up from here

Thank you!

Hey.  There is some way to change the game resolution? My computer don't run the game very well 

Look, I'm gonna need new pants jumpscare got me good.

Game is pretty good a little bit buggy obviously, but in 10 days you absolutely nailed this actually I took a visit to the GamesDevHQ website, I would rate this 4 out of 5, it's not a 5 because it cost me a pair of pants. XD


my play through with both endings here: 

This game was absolutely awesome to the communications between the paranormal entities to the scares/atmosphere the game does a great job of making you play at it's pace so you can't avoid scares so if you want both endings you do have to play through the full game twice there's no short cuts. Great job! Hopefully more game devs will take your training because this is a scary game done incredibly well!

Thank you, that was awesome to watch

Thank you for making it and responding I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^

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