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You are Cliff, a brand new freelance cameraman for Paranormal Entities, the #2 ghost investigation show on the Hunting and Outdoors Cable Network.  You have been hired to inspect the St. Augustine Asylum for the Mentally Ill.  Go into this facility, follow the producer鈥檚 instruction through radio earpiece, keep your camera on, and try to make contact with the spirits inside.  If nothing happens, you will get $500 for your time.  If you manage to get some amazing footage of real paranormal activity on your camera, you will get an additional $2,500 bonus.  Are you ready to be a part of Paranormal Entities history?

This game was created in 10 days for the 2020 Scream Jam.  All training and assets for this game were provided through the GameDevHQ Pro Membership.  If you have ever wished to tell a story through video games, then stop by GameDevHQ.com and start your career as a video game developer.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorAl Heck
Tagsasylum, Dark, First-Person, Game Jam, ghost, haunted, Horror, paranormal, scary, Survival Horror


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Scary and wonderful

Ok This Game Was Scary As Hell And Really Enjoyed This Is What A Horror Game Should Be like 5 Stars Very Good Jobs Devs Really Enjoyed 

really good, shitted a little

Scariest game I鈥檝e played ever! great story! 

I had SO much fun with this game. Absolutely hilarious turn of events for the poor guy.

I have lost one year of my life! Pure terror, great atmosphere nice job!

giocandolo ho perso un anno di vita veramente terrorrizaante ottima atmosfera! Grande prodotto!

so great i like it

Awesome Graphics! What a nice game!

You can practically smell the Jumpscares coming from a mile away and yet, you get fucking scared all the same. This ran so fucking well in my Old-ish Laptop (i3, Integrated Graphics, 4gb RAM) with no graphic glitches and fluid camera movement. Only downside i can think of, is that the movement feels a bit clunky, but not enough to distract or derail the experience. 

If you're wondering whether to play or not: Fucking Play it. I don't get easily scared, and yet i fucking loved it. It's well made and should warrant a playthrough. 

This game was so good; I had to put it on my channel!

Great job on the game!

great game keep up the good work

it was a good game! i recommend it to anyone who likes horror :)

Muy buen juego me a gustado , me a sacado unos sustos al llegar a la intermedio del juego .

I really enjoyed the game. The setting and story of the game is very well elaborated, and I confess, that jumpscare caught me off guard 馃槄

Gameplay PT-BR 


this game made me cry 10/10

(1 edit)

this game made get the chicken skin and make the headphones fly off my head but its good

this game was such a cool little experience! definitely had fun looking around and enjoyed some triggers that were implemented. keep up the good work :)

This was so much fun!!

this game is insane!!

Honestly a fantastic game that kept me on the edge of my seat. The story was well thought out and the director character was a good laugh! Thought the game was very well thought out, the scares were well executed and always kept you alert! Highly recommend trying this game out :)

Let's go friends

:D game FUN, thanks you !

Pooped my pants playing this. Great game!

The graphics and voice acting made this an excellent experience , This is one of my favourite games on this website.

amazing game! very well made

I love the voice acting and the tone of the voice, combined with the story, it makes the game soo interesting, even tho it's Indie game. Good job with this one Developer Al Heck! Would recommend to every one to try it at least once! :)



Es ist unglaublich gruselig!! Mega gut gemacht. Ich habe mich so erschrocken. Bitte ,bitte mehr von diesen Spielen. 

馃憤馃グ  Gr眉脽e aus Deutschland



Nice shadows bro, cool game

Played during my 3 scary games, the game was so good I had to make a separate video just for it! Looking Foward to more games made by everyone involved!

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I like that there is plenty of voice acting to build up the world further which made it a lot more interesting. It was a fun and scary experience. Sad that the endings were so tragic.

This is the scariest itch.io game I've ever played!  It was so fun and worth another play someday!  Scared the HELL out of me!

By far the SCARIEST game I found on Itch.io So glad I found it! I felt like I wanted to CRY! Part of my 3 scary games, hope you like the video & subscribe! Great Job!!

What a nice game! That this was made in -0 days is actually incredible, it had some cheap spooks but was a very enjoyable experience, thank you for making this, I really liked it!
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