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Really great game! I love how you were able to recreate the unnerving environment of PT. It got me a few times, but it did a good job at trying to scare you without over doing it. Also the graphics in it were great!
Can't wait to see what else you create, keep up the great work!

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Very cool man! The thing That took me out of the imersion a bit were the invisible walls. Other then that It's awesome! are you planing to do a bigger projects or more games? 

Great game devs there are some minor bugs but great you scared me and it was fun 

I liked it, a little short but the story somewhat made sense and was interesting.  Cheers!

Graphics and pretty much everything in this game is great. 5/5

Dude, a serial killer and an endless loop of hallways? I need more of this game because it was WAY too good. I did encounter a minor bug during my gameplay where I went out of bounds by going through a door but everything else was incredible tbh

this was amazing love anything PT please check my play through below x 

Excellent game support author

Find the heart

Hey, that was great! I loved the atmosphere and the use of the radio to unveil the story. Awesome job!

Thank you!

Really Freaky man! I loved the way you used the P.T style gameplay and the story overall was actually decent

Here is my video: 


Thank you!  I so appreciate you taking the time to play it!

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This game made me paranoid as hell to the point that I had to turn around in the video. I loved the atmosphere, great game all the way

Awesome, I can't wait to watch it.

I downloaded this the night it was released  I was probably one of the first to play it. I finally got around to editing the video but it was fun and had some good scares.  

This was so good! This is me playing this :) 

Scared the lips off me thanks dev: 

great game had fun playing it love ya too make more games! 

I was joking around a lot throughout this video, but in all seriousness, this was REALLY good! Fantastic pacing, a couple good jump scares, and a lot of creativity behind how the story unfolds. Loved the voice acting too! I gave some detailed thoughts at the end of the video.


Just watched your video!  Thank you!  All was fixed and added a few more fun parts as well!


Gameplay, graphics, voice acting, atmosphere, etc. were all implemented amazingly in the game. The slow walking gives an amazing creep factor within the game, the sudden noises gave me various jumpscares, and the lore/story within the gameplay was very well done. I especially liked how aggressive the radio man/killer gets as the game progresses, it makes his anger feel authentic. Although one thing I wish is that there was a text screen or a way to pick up the notes to make it easier to read, everything else was very well made! A very strong 4.5/5 from me!

Good job!. Was never much of a fan of this style of Horror Game but I found this to be exceptionally good. 

This game was super fun!!

My walkthrough in Russian, starts at 00:00.

ENG: The sound effects are amazing, and I had goosebumps throughout the game. The only thing that annoyed me was the steps of our protagonist. In general, the game came to me :)

RUS: Звуковые эффекты восхитительны, мурашки по коже были на протяжении всей игры. Единственно что раздражало, это шаги нашего главного героя. В целом игра мне зашла :)

Very good work Al. I like everything about this. Very good job for only two days. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see what you make next!

Amazing game Graphics looks awesome 

This game got me shaking 

here is my gameplay is you wanna see

Excellent work, Al. Love the story line, your voice acting, the sound effects and the look of the game.

Pretty good game, keep it up!!! 📺💯


the game looks amazing and its very atmospheric, its crazy that it was all done in just 2 days!
as good as the graphics and art was, the voice acting was even better. it was creepy and well delivered.
"even apart we make a great team" mwahahahahaah (my attempt at an evil laugh)

Pretty cool game. The game looked amazing and played amazing, no lag or stutter to be found. I enjoyed the storyline as well. I will leave my gameplay below if you are interested in seeing my reaction.

I want to say not a bad game I like what you did and the idea behind it though I did find a bug in it and I will say I caught it on video. Still keep up the awesome work and if you want to see my thoughts and reactions please see the video. 

Thank you!  I uploaded a fix today as well as buffed it with a couple more scares!  I love your video!

thank you so much, and maybe i should do a replay on it for the updates. 

Never Apart, while heavily inspired by P.T., manages to be its own thing, thanks to the story the game tells. It looks nice, though there isn’t much to interact with. There’s a door that the player is not meant to enter that will trap you in a black screen, but apart from that, my experience was fairly smooth. For me, the audio is the game’s highlight, most notably the radio voice that reveals most of the story. Without that, it wouldn’t be the same. 


Thank you!  Just made an update that fixed the door as well as added a bunch of new scares as well.  Thank you for playing!

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Very fun game, Made you a lil video: 

Thank you

loved it so much lol 
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The door in the "kitchen?" area has no collision, other than that great game :)

Thank you!  Will update hopefully in the next few days!

Hello, I played this game and it was a neat little game, I enjoyed it, I did fall through the map after trying to get to the door but over all it was a short and sweet game, good work :)

Good game, very atmospheric. I smelled alot of Silent Hill 4 influence as well as PT and i liked it.

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I actually thought this game was pretty good and creepy but I fell through the floor when I went through a door.

Pretty cool game. I dig it. Nice job on this!

Hey alheck,

really enjoyed the game. gave me the real creepy vibe! good job!

Nice Game

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