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NEVER APART: Eres el único superviviente del asesino en serie Darren Bar, estás atrapado en el pasillo de un bloque de viviendas en bucle perseguido por el espíritu de Darren, está tratando de completar su ritual, a costa de tu vida... Muchas gracias por crear el juego, saludos!!!!

I enjoyed this game it was really good and well made cant wait to see what else you come up with and what else you create! good work!

Though the game was short, I did enjoy Never Apart. The game has quite the unsettling atmosphere and has some good jump scares. The ending is not what you would expect, which is good! You think you're alone here, but, you're not...

A super well pieced together game. Good stuff!!

Good job! 

Great game! 

so scary,good job

Great Job
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I can't lie, this game was good. (Definitely DID NOT scare me at all...). Props to Al Heck, can't wait to play more of your stuff on the channel. Also if you're reading this, please do check out the vid and the channel, and if you like what you see, give us a follow, it'd be much appreciated. Much love as always <3

Had lot of good fun with this game!

Very good game with an interesting story and well done.

It was chosen for the Friday the 13th special video.

Heres the gameplay.

Well made game, I loved it.

AWESOME GRAPHICS! very well done. 

La 24èmes éditions de ce spécial 3 pour 1 de jeux d'horreur et voici les titres; - A Craft Of Mine Un jeu de MineCraft d'horreur. - Teke Teke La légende du Teke Teke est une femme morte et coupé en 2 par un train et elle décide de se vengé de tout les passant devant elle en les coupant en 2 avec une hache. - Never Apart L'histoire d'un tueur en série cannibal qui est revenu à la vie pour continuer son travail.

Not too shabby! Rough around the edges, but has a cool story! 

That was really good! A bit confusing at the beginning, and the radio suddenly starting can make you lose a piece of the story. It would also be good to have a menu, where you can change settings like quality, fullscreen, etc.  Other than that, the story is interesting, PT style used quite well, and the game is fun and creepy =)


This game got me on the jumpscares! This was an excellent game with a great story for it being so short. Great job!

La 7èmes série de ce spécial 3 pour 1 et voici les titres . - Never Apart --------------------------- Vous êtes prisonnier de votre esprit et tenter d'y sortir, - Halloween ---------------------------- Oui vous connaissez Michael Myers des célèbres film d'épouvante Halloween et bien vous êtes ça victime. Beware The ShadowCasters ------------------------- Vous occupez un restaurant et 3 personnes bizarres viennent pour une commande.

Loved the Game!! German Gameplay here! <3 ↓

I made a video on your game (25:33)

Fantastic game!!! The game looks realistic and scary.

este juego realmente está muy bueno, me lleve algunas buenas sorpresas y varios buenos sustos. DIOS!!! te dejo mi gameplay en español para que puedas ver lo bueno que es este juego

great visuals, creepy atmosphere...just short! Thanks for making it

Really enjoyed the game.  A few moments where it scared me but overall a great PT style game.  Great Job.

enjoyed the game thankyou

super fun game~~

Enjoyable game 

Very creepy! 

I loved your games Man....

Such a cool creepy game! Loved the sound design! 


Awesome game as usual!!! Can't wait for another great game from you!!!

Good Game !!! GamePlay in French !!

This game was really fun and has some brilliant jump scares 


I really enjoyed this one!!! Not as scary as Paranormal Entities but still had a good scare or two!! Amazing job, please post more games!!!

Loved this! Great atmosphere and scares!

Apart from the notes being hard to read this was pretty good. Couldn't change mouse sensitivity which was very high but overall was a pretty cool game... :)

Everything is very aesthetically pleasing, great story, great chills, and love the scares too! I've watched the PT demo played and honestly, I like Never Apart better lol

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i feel ok to this game 

Thank  for made this game !

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Really loved Paranormal Entities so I had to try this game out! Not as scary but still a great experience! Added as the 3rd game in my 3 Scary Games Video! 

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