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This game is heavily inspired by the PT Demo.  You play the sole survivor of the serial killer Darren Bar.  In this dimension, you are stuck in a repeating apartment floor haunted by Darren's spirit who is trying to complete his ceremony.  It is a PC build and requires a download.  Test it out and please feel free to leave me a comment!

It wasn't till after the build that I realized I forgot to hide the cursor and add an escape/quit button.  Sorry but will add soon.


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Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick


Wow just wow, I can't believe I just got scared by guys with t-poses XD, the experience is something truly horrific, I felt weird not knowing what setting I was, was I in a museum or in the reception in a hotel (I know it says a apartment floor), The graphics are nice, spooky and it brings that P.T (another game similar to this one) ascetic with the surround sound and sound effects, I was thinking that I was playing the serial killer that's when I heard the clues in the radio announcer and realize the complete opposite, either way great horror game , I have a humming bird heart so I might never touch this game again XD. (I've posted a video gameplay featuring my reactions)

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Hi I recently played your game and its the best one so far :)

A great little horror where you escaped the clutches of Darren before but you were never truly apart from him.

The aesthetic of the game is really nice and the level seems detailed and highly polished, there is nice ambient lighting and plenty of things to look at. The sound tracks and effects are nicely done and definitely emphasise the scares, some of which were unexpected, the only sound which felt a bit unnatural were the footsteps as they seemed like you were running around in flippers. 

Overall the game is a fun walking experience, very creepy and actually delivers on scares a great title to playthrough.

I truly respect you for the great work with this game moreover in such a short time! Also loved the theme. Nice!

Hey Al Heck, this was pretty great! Especially for being made in such a short time. We'd definitely play anything else you make.

Thanks for the experience!

Thank you!

Tried out your game...

Though this may seem like another PT clone, the developer succeded in telling an original and spooky story. Not to mention the atmosphere adds to the tension. I highly recommend playing this game!

Thank you!

I may have sounded sarcastic but I enjoyed this a lot 

I really liked this game! Even though it was done in 48 hours I found it really put together and interesting... and of course the jump scares really got me 😊


Thank you!

Hey! I included your game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 0:11, and if you decide to watch it, hope you enjoy it! Cheers!

I really enjoyed this game! I'm excited to see more!

The game was great but i have no idea how to open the doors and stuff


Thank you.  The next game will have unlock able doors!

yay cool

Btw I didn't Understand what to do after I got in the first room.

Plz Help


Just finished playing it! good spooks! little bit buggy but still enjoyable!

Thank you!

I mean it's fine I guess? It was just a PT clone not done as well tbh with the walk speed set to "slower than a snail" and the mouse sensitivity pumped up so that if you jerk your hand you're going to spin about 1080.

The volume was an issue. I had to turn my speakers way up to hear the radio, then the sound effects were absolutely deafening. It needs to be normalized.

The scares were also mostly exactly what you would expect from each area. 

Particular issues I had:

Invisible walls stopping you from moving during events are a terrible immersion breaker.

The radio dude going "you ruined everything" doesn't make sense when you're not trying to escape, you're just casually strolling through a bunch of halls that you don't know anything about.

In the second segment, the painting on the back left is spontaneously floating about two inches off the wall. It doesn't seem part of a scare so I assume that's a bug.

I recently played through your game in a 3 random horror games video.
I began playing it expecting it to be a boring walking simulator styled P.T clone, but I was pleasantly surprised!

The atmosphere and story work really well, and actually had me quite invested. I didn't expect the story to be all that great, but it has it's fair share of twists and turns.
The jumpscares aren't too savage either, but still have a nice effect on the experience.

Great work!

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:

Thank you!

P.T clones and games “inspired” by P.T typically both struggle from severe underutilization of the looping mechanics and proper building of atmosphere. Strangely enough, Never Apart seems to struggle to utilize the looping hallways at all and mostly uses doors coming off of those hallways as starting points for the real game. 

 It seems that the inspired by PT tag was used as a time saver to allow the developers to finish in the required time limit. Which is, as far as I am concerned, the best use of P.T inspiration. But in reality, the game functions as a much more traditional atmospheric horror, with an emphasis on storyline and sound effects.

Being a game jam game and there’s only so many things that could be improved, and since you are already aware of the most egregious problems, I have to say this game was a pleasant surprise. Oh, and that was a rather creative twist on the spirit of the game jam.

My cynical take on the experience below.


What if P.T. was set in an APARTMENT FLOOR IN 2020?...

Overall good fun, good horror vibe and worth checking out!

Thank you!

this game was freaking scary as heck if you want some scary but funny gameplay well your wish has been granted 

Awesome, thanks!


Awesome, thanks!

This is amazing in every way i liked the story and the ambiance and it had some scares that scared me! this is really good to be made in such a short time!

Awesome, thanks!

of course i loved it!

Крутая ИГРА

I really got scared with this, check it out from my channel if you are interested :P

Awesome, thanks!

nice work for 48 hours very impressive <3

Awesome, thanks!


Would recommend that you add some gameplay aside from walking from point A to point B, although I understand it was made in 48 hours.

I played your game and put it into my video. it was quite something for me but not really scary. I found it actually quite funny here and there.

I was afraid the entire time!..

Awesome, thanks!

Just played the game, very interesting...!

You can see the P.T. inspiration for sure! Not as scary as you would think, if anything, it has more of a uncomfortable horror atmosphere. Still great concept, pretty decent overall.

That was awesome! It's insane that you made such a gem in just 48 hours! The story, the scares, the graphics, the sounds...I'm overwhelmed! Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers! 

Awesome, thanks!

Scared the business out of us. Nice work!

This PT inspiration doesn't disappoint. Good atmosphere, good scares, and some pretty well done set pieces. All - in - All it's pretty good would recommend.   :)

Pros and cons are down below) Check out the vid here (likes and subs are highly appreciated)):


1. The game was scary - scared me several times, though I am used to horror and to jumpscares. I can't call these jumpscares cheap, though. They were always accompanied by the great ambiance and the build up.

2. The story is quite intruging. I believe, my interpretation may be far off from the actual one but I tried) I think the plottwist is great and it was very interesting not only to play and get spooked but also to listen to radio and figure out what happened.


1. I wish there were a bit more to the ending. Like a choice or somthing like that. That would increase replayability-value of the game. Though, it's hard to come up with this stuff in 48 hours!

2. There was no actual threat. It would be cool to ahve a time limit at escaping the room or runnin away from the killer dequence. Yet again, in 48 hours it's very hard to make.


I rate this game 5/5. I think it could benefit from a bit more work and polish but as a 48-hour project, it was an excellent experience. Interesting, involving and scary! Great job!

Hope my feedback was useful!

this game was fun to play I loved the visuals and details


Awesome, thank you!

FIIIRE GAME! This game had me jumping jumping.

LOL, thank you!

haha no problem keep up the good work!

Sadly, I died at the end. But it was the process that matters!! lol fun game

Thank you!

fun little game

Awesome, thank you!

will play the game later meanwhile check this out

Oh my god, this game was very good ... I loved the sounds and the story ... just one detail, the ghost that appears levitating hehe I took away my fear a bit but in general excellent game. I leave a gameplay that I realize hehe is in Spanish

I hear you.  Have some ideas for my next one!

One of the best free horror game I have played so far.

Great story line for a short game.

Those jump scares were great too buddy.

Cannot wait for more content from you buddy.

Awesome, thank you!

whats your next game?

Working on it now.  You are a paranormal investigator in an abandoned mental asylum.

oh boy send it to me when your done please

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