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This game is heavily inspired by the PT Demo.  You play the sole survivor of the serial killer Darren Bar.  In this dimension, you are stuck in a repeating apartment floor haunted by Darren's spirit who is trying to complete his ceremony.  It is a PC build and requires a download.  Test it out and please feel free to leave me a comment!

It wasn't till after the build that I realized I forgot to hide the cursor and add an escape/quit button.  Sorry but will add soon.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(74 total ratings)
AuthorAl Heck
Tagsalbuquerque, dimension, fright, Global Game Jam, Halloween, Horror, Monsters, pt, scary


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super fun game~~

Enjoyable game 

Very creepy! 

I loved your games Man....

Such a cool creepy game! Loved the sound design! 


Awesome game as usual!!! Can't wait for another great game from you!!!

Good Game !!! GamePlay in French !!

This game was really fun and has some brilliant jump scares 


I really enjoyed this one!!! Not as scary as Paranormal Entities but still had a good scare or two!! Amazing job, please post more games!!!

Loved this! Great atmosphere and scares!

Apart from the notes being hard to read this was pretty good. Couldn't change mouse sensitivity which was very high but overall was a pretty cool game... :)

Everything is very aesthetically pleasing, great story, great chills, and love the scares too! I've watched the PT demo played and honestly, I like Never Apart better lol

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i feel ok to this game 

Thank  for made this game !

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Really loved Paranormal Entities so I had to try this game out! Not as scary but still a great experience! Added as the 3rd game in my 3 Scary Games Video! 

Comments below clip;

The game is very well textured and that's something I love in games. They sometimes less is more, and in this case, they're right. Imo, you are trying too hard to get people startled and that undoes most of what you're trying to achieve. Mind you,  this is just a single opinion, and it is of course up to you what you want your game to be. It has so many right elements, but like with a good meal, you have to doze those ingredients perfectly and with modesty. Anyway, I enjoyed playing it. That's all that counts.

A decent horror game with nice visuals! Well worth a try.

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This was a fun game. Its a game that tries a little to hard sometimes to be scary but overall its a solid beautiful game with the right atmosphere!

From Brazil... Rio de Janeiro... Excelente! Bem assustador. Gravei no meu canal do YouTube :D  


Gorgeous little horror game, greatly enjoyed the experience, especially the fine art displayed. Took my time to observe them all. The pacing was nice and clear on how to proceed, however that didn't take away from the suspense. Thanks for creating (and I kinda had enough with the smart-ass radio host.)


This was fantastic!  I audibly yelped from the scares!  the imagery is great, and I dig the plot too!  Gonna go rate this 5 stars!


Since I deleted the original video I made on this game I decided to pay it a revisit. Tbh It still holds up the graphics still look great. And the scares still sort of hold up.


Very enjoyable, i really liked the atmosphere and the sound effects were solid and instilled anxiety over the course of the playthrough. Thank you for making this! 1st game.


I really enjoyed your game. Graphically it is outstanding! The sound quality is equally impressive! Such a tense atmospheric experience! You can see my experience in the video below :) Keep up the good work!

It was such an incredible experience specially the atmosphere of the game.

Desde que empieza el juego no sabes qué esta sucediendo. Es fabuloso!

Das Spiel ist der Hammer. Immer wieder erstaunlich was für Horror Games hier entwickelt werden.

Bitte weiter so! Schaut euch gerne mein Lets Play dazu an :)


Just what I played had my mouth dropping my chest in pain. As someone who loves True Crime and Horror I am just shocked. This was amazing voice acting and graphics the story as well it was truly amazing.

I liked this pretty well. The voice acting and graphical design were highlights, but the pacing was a little on the slow side and most of the scares didn't get me (though a couple did!) I started to get the idea that maybe we were playing as the killer instead, which might make for a cool direction to take on something like this. 

played your game at 34:18, really nicely made game definitely fit well into my 3 Scary Games video. Check it out 🙂
Deleted 157 days ago

Nice just followed you; Im tajiemavg4!

Sehr sehr geiles Spiel! Mir persönlich ging es leider etwas zu kurz, das hat echt Potential für ein 3h Gameplay mit Story und so. Der Flur erinnert mich irgendwie an "SHINING". Von mir volle 5/5 😄 Freue mich auf weitere Spiele von dir 🤗

i actually enjoyed this more than i thought i would, and i almost shat my pants at one of the jumpscares. nice horror game

Nice game! ✌✌✌

I only just came across this game and its an interesting game with a nice atmosphere. I wasn't a big fan on the ending but apart from that was a good short horror. Also, I was trying to figure out where I heard the radio voice from and realised you also did Paranormal Entities which is a fantastic short horror!

Good Game! We really enjoyed it! Keep it up!

How dare you scare me like that....

Twitch Clip

the graphics were a 10/10 and the jumpscares

Remember your past.. Lead the future to a better place.

Eerie experience to say the least. Everyone should play this horror if they want to be freaked out!

This was a very good game, this was defo a good horror vibe and a story to go with it, 7/10 my only reomendation is it should have been longer, hope you make more!

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